Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrity Homes: Home of Vice Ganda

I love magazines. If there are things I want to collect – those are glossy magazines. (I think I inherited that from my mom.) I want to have heaps and piles of magazines. I want to display them. I want them to be everywhere in the house. But I don’t buy often, being a budget-conscious that I am. We have the internet, right? I have some, mostly are home or interior design-related. I bought my first home magazine to “exercise my faith” and have some inspirations – thinking that we would build our own home someday. And guess what, we’re now living in our brand new home! 

So, if I see the pages of my magazine(s), worn out, torn apart, ripped off – I can’t help but manghinayang.  (I have a toddler in the house!) Especially, when I love the pictures there! So, one afternoon I got an idea! Reproduce my favorite photos for my own keeps. Yep, just selected photos, not everything! I have this Yes! Magazine July 2011 issue – kinda a year old but my only Yes! mag. I still love the featured homes there especially Melai Cantiveros’ uber cute home. Another one is the house of Vice Ganda. Here are some of the pictures of his home*:

Vice Ganda home
I'm loving the color. I'll paint dark grey too in our facade. 

Vice Ganda home

The sofa is streamlined, clean and beautiful! The living room is so "masculine".

Vice Ganda home
I have seen this same chandelier in many interior design photos. I think I want one too. Hehe... 

I want to be a friend of Kris Aquino too! She's so generous to her friends! This refrigerator is a gift from her. 
(Just kiddin' on the reason... ^_^)

Vice Ganda home
I also want a tufted/cushioned headboard. It's costly my dear. The lamp is so cool - it resembles a spotlight. And his chair - to die for!

Love, love, love the outdoor furnitures, especially that egg-shaped one! 
And look at the garden! Soo lovely!

Vice Ganda home
Look at the stair steps! Can you imagine your home with glass stairs?

There you have it! We've seen the minimalist, “manly”, zen-type home of Vice Ganda. Would you like the same style too? For more photos and information about his home, avail the back issue of Yes! Magazine, July 2011.

*No copyright infringement intended. Please see my disclaimer.


  1. idol sana magkaroon ako ng ganitong bahay ....!!! iba ka talaga

  2. naiingit tlga...ako sayo vice


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